A Note on Dr. Matthew Steenberg
Fellow in Theology, Patristic Theology and Church History

Matthew Steenberg is tutor for patristics, church history, Eastern Christian thought and history, Byzantine church history, Christian Spirituality, and various related subjects—including on occasion Scripture, Greek and Latin. He is co-convenor of the Graduate Seminar in Patristics, and lectures in patristic doctrine.

Dr. Steenberg's research interests include Christian anthropology and the patristic conception of human personhood in relation to the developing articulation of dogmatic theology. He is a regular lecturer at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, and speaks regularly at conferences and seminars in the UK and abroad. Recent publications include ‘Two-natured man: an anthropology of transfiguration' (in Pro Ecclesia); ‘Scripture, graphe , and the status of Hermas in Irenaeus' (St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly); ‘To test or preserve? The prohibition of Gen 2.16-17 in second-century exegesis' (Gregorianum); ‘Children in Paradise : Adam and Eve as “infants” in Irenaeus of Lyons' (Journal of Early Christian Studies); ‘The role of Mary as co-recapitulator in St Irenaeus of Lyons ' (Vigiliae Christianae); ‘The Mother of God as mediatrix in Orthodox and Roman Catholic thought' (Sobornost). He is currently completing work on a critical translation and commentary on Irenaeus of Lyons, Against Heresies III for Ancient Christian Writers, and a new monograph, Of God and Man: Theology as Anthropology from Irenaeus to Athanasius.

Academic background:
D.Phil, Oxford M.St., Oxford B.A., St Olaf College, MN
Fellow of Greyfriars since: 2004