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His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill was Awarded a “Patriarchal” Panagia
Detail of the
Detail of the"Smolensk-Hodigitra"
Detail of the"Smolensk-Hodigitra"

On the 1st of February, 2015, the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee during the Divine Liturgy in the midst of a multitude of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church as well as bishops from many Local Churches who were gathered to celebrate in the 6th Anniversary of the Enthronement of His Holiness Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and All of Russia and for a Archpastoral Conference, His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill was awarded a “Patriarchal” Panagia for His ardent archpastoral labors and in connection with His 60th Birthday.

“With the Blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill the “Smolensk-Hodigitria” Icon of the Mother of God was brought to the Divine Service after its recent restoration. The Wonderworking image will remain in the Church of Christ the Savior, where it will be available for veneration by the faithful until the 10th of February after which it will be taken to the Domition Cathedral in the City of Smolensk, in which it has been located since the 17th Century.

The “Smolensk-Hodigitria” Icon accompanied the Russian Army for the entire war of 1812. Before the Battle of Borodino the icon was brought on to the field of battle by order of Field Marshal M.I. Kutuzov. In the presence of the Field Marshal and the entire army a molebin was served as all stood on their knees.

The Minister of Culture, V.R. Medinsky, noted that research conducted during the restoration of the icon proved that the image was created at the turn of XVI-XVII centuries. ‘We have the greatest assurance that this is the very icon, which was given to the City of Smolensk in 1602 and that it has passed through the entire history of our nation,’ he said.”

The clergy and faithful children of the Western American Diocese congratulate our Ruling Bishop, His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill with the distinct award of a Patriarchal panagia and wish Him health, length of days and “Many Years!”

Source (in Russian)

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