Selected photos from previous pilgriamges

Site of the Ascension of the Lord, Mount of Olives
Saint Mary Magdalene Monastery
Jacob's Well, Nablus, Samaria
Olive tree, Gethsemane
Grotto in Bethlehem
Mosaic, Mt. of Olives
Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky), Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land
Pilgrims entering the Jordan River
Pilgrims in the Jordan, Bishop Theodosy
Forty Day Mount
Mosaic in Tagbtha, Galilee
Young pilgrims in the Old City, Jerusalem
Fara, the desert of St. Chariton
Visiting the Monastery of St. Chariton
Visiting the Monastery of St. Chariton
His Grace serving a molebin
Baptismal font at Tagbtha
The Russian Candle, Mt. of Olives
With Abbess Moisea
Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin)
His Grace Bishop Theodosy, Gethsemane
Sisters of Mercy, Gethsemane
Honorable Relics of St. Elizabeth
Tomb of the Theotokos
Tomb of the Theotokos
Sister Alexandra, pilgrims' guide
Monastery of St. Sabba the Sanctified