Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
Patronal Feast Day of Saint Silouan Monastery - 09/05/18

Saint Silouan's Monastery of the Western American Diocese will celebrate its patronal feast day on September 24th, 2018.

His Grace Theodosy Bishop of Seattle is presiding.

Schedule of Divine Services:
Sunday September 23: vigil at 6:00 PM
Monday September 24: Greeting of the Bishop at 9:00 AM, Liturgy, procession and festal meal.

27th Annual Russian Orthodox Church Musicians’ Conference Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia - 09/04/18

This year’s conference will focus on the very foundation of Orthodox church singing – the Obikhod, or Common Chant Tradition. We will explore its rich diversity of liturgical expression and how this tradition facilitates prayerful and understandable singing/chanting in the Divine Services. 

As last year, we will continue to focus on the liturgical artistry of the clergy – reader, priest, and especially the deacon – and the necessary techniques to achieve prayerful singing/chanting of the highest quality in harmony with the singers.

Throughout the three-day  program, an exciting blend of historical, theoretical, and practical considerations will prepare Orthodox singers, both in the choir loft and in the altar, to sing praises to our Lord reverently.

This year’s conference brings together choir members, conductors and clergy of all levels of experience to explore the wealth and beauty of the Divine Services of the Orthodox Church.

Join us in October!

More information and registration here.

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